Underfeeding or Weight Loss For Cats

Underfeeding or Weight Loss in Cats, In normal circumstances, it is unlikely that a pet cat will be underfed. A healthy, hungry kitten or cat will eat its food with enthusiasm and ask for more if it has not had enough. Routine weighing can detect weight loss, and this will eventually be noticed when petting the cat. Unexplained weight loss is a cause for concern, and the cat should be taken to a veterinary surgeon so that the object can be investigated. It may be accompanied by other symptoms indicative of an underlying illness.

Weight Loss For Cats ( Stray & Kittens )

Stray cats and kittens that have been living rough are frequently severely malnourished. In the case of a kitten, this can have severe consequences for its growth and development, notably if it has consistently failed to receive sufficient food. Even if the kitten is subsequently fed correctly, after a certain age, it may have lost too much ground, and its growth can remain stunted. Adult cats that are severely underweight, usually look painfully thin and in poor condition. The fur may appear dull and matted, and the ribs and backbone are prominent and easily felt beneath the skin, which lacks subcutaneous fat.


A cat in this state may have a heavy burden of intestinal worm parasites, which weaken it further as it has no reserves or resistance to them. It is likely to be harboring skin parasites, particularly fleas and ear mites, which can be a further cause of severe disability. The cat is particularly vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections while in such a weakened state and is more likely to succumb to any form of illness. If its condition is very severe, it may be apathetic and have insufficient energy to resist the ministrations of people that it might otherwise not welcome.

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