Some Interesting Facts about Kangaroo Habitat

Kangaroo Habitat

The kangaroo habitat can be found all over every part of Australia. This animal is included in the Macropodidae family, the meaning of a giant foot, categorized as a marsupial. Kangaroo habitat and Australia go hand in hand. You almost cannot think of one without the other. 

Australians do not farm them, but some do shoot them for sport and meat and protect their cattle and sheep. The kangaroo represents Australia as a national symbol and plays an essential role in cultural references.

Kangaroo Habitat

The kangaroo habitat is filled with four common species, including the Red Kangaroo, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Western Grey Kangaroo, and the Antilopine Kangaroo. In addition to these, there are approximately 50 smaller macropods that are close to the kangaroo family.  

Kangaroos have huge, solid hind legs and quite large feet used for leaping. It also displays a muscular tail that it uses for balance, and a smaller head than one would think should be much more significant for its body.  

Kangaroos can hop at a speed of 13 to 16 mph on average but can reach 44 mph, which allows them to travel long distances looking for water and food.

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