Interesting Red Pandas Facts Probably You didn’t Know Them

Red Pandas Facts
Red Pandas Facts

Red Pandas Facts, In the far north of Britain, in the Scottish Highlands, there is a wildlife park. Under the shadows of the Cairngorm mountains, you can meet bison, polar bears, the antelopes of the Central Asian steppes, wolves, and other cold country species, many of them roaming wild. 

Few people look upwards, but if they did, they would see, at the top of a patch of silver birch trees, two of the most charming animals known to man. These are Kincraig Wildlife Park’s red pandas.

Interesting Red Pandas Facts

That then is the first of the red pandas facts that anyone visiting Kincraig will learn. Red pandas sleep in the safety of the treetops. They are relatively small animals, about the size of a large domestic cat and have long, thick tails which they curl around the tree branches, so keeping themselves stable and secure while they sleep. 

That is the next of the red pandas facts that they are asleep a great deal. The lucky visitor to Kincraig may see a panda occasionally stretch and move position, but is unlikely to see the pandas come down onto the ground unless he can be there at night. Red pandas are nocturnal creatures.

Red pandas found in the wild stretch along a corridor of high altitude forest from China to the Himalayas in Nepal.

They were initially thought to be related to the giant panda, but now they are distant relatives of the raccoon. There is so much confusion over what they are that they now form their own family, the Ailuridae. They are an endangered species, mainly because their natural habitat is being destroyed.

Like the giant panda, red pandas live mainly on bamboo, but they can also eat a variety of other plants and enjoy acorns and other nuts.

This makes them easier to care for in captivity. They are solitary creatures and very shy. The males and females only come together during the mating season. 


The Panda Female 

The female then builds a nest in a rock cleft or a hollow tree, and there have between one and three young red pandas. They remain in the nest for about three months and then venture out to be taught the forest skills that they will need to survive. They will typically stay with their mother until the following year’s mating season.

The red panda is a beautiful creature and is sometimes kept as a pet in Nepal. It has brown, red thick fur, with white ears and white markings on the face. The thick, bushy tail is also ringed with white.

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