Panda Facts For Kids: Fun Facts and Information

Panda Facts For Kids Fun Facts and Information
Panda Facts For Kids Fun Facts and Information

Panda Facts For Kidsthough many people say that the giant panda bear is original, the fact is that the red panda, which has been mentioned during 1981, has over four decades of the information on the giant panda. 

Essential Facts of the Panda

The red panda has a majestic look and a long bushy ringed tail, which is very helpful.

The tail is very long, and it helps to provide the perfect balance for the animal when it is in trees. The rear has full energy and strength and serves as a blanket in cold conditions and protects it from the weather. This is one of the essential facts of the panda facts for kids.

By nature, it has white and red markings on the fur, with the perfect blend, and it helps to hide from predators like snow leopard and other giant animals, especially while living in the lichen and mosses trees. They seldom fail to have a superb dinner from those trees also. 

Their lifespan is about fourteen years old when they live in cages since proper food is provided to them whenever they need food. But, in the wild forests, their lifetime is around eight years only.

Where do Giant Pandas Live?

Usually, the giant panda lives on only green bamboo leaves, and the red panda likes various other foods, such as bird eggs, berries, and other small leaves of the plants. 

Red Panda Facts


Red panda eats about two hundred thousand leaves a day. The jaws and teeth of the red panda are powerful, helping to munch the leaves and stalk bamboo.

The adult red panda visits only during the breeding period, which usually begins during fall-winter. The conceiving period for the red panda is a hundred and thirty-four days. One to four baby red panda is born at a time. They are covered with grey fur, with their eyes and ears closed.

The first ninety days are essential for the red panda, and after nestling for three months, they live with their mother after that. Usually, until next breeding, they live together happily. 

How many red pandas are left in the world?

Unfortunately, there are only about there are less than 10,000 red pandas in this entire world since many hunters have killed thousands of red pandas for the fur for making hats, bags, and other products. 

Animal lovers and other voluntary organizations are working with various projects to increase the number of red pandas. These panda facts for kids are useful to understand this rare animal.

Giant Panda Facts for Kids.


The most popular and beautiful stuffed animals for the kids, the giant panda is the best choice. In the whole world, the panda is beloved by all types of animal lovers, as well as the children. For this reason, the giant stuffed panda would be the priority choice for kid’s toys. 

Where are Giant Pandas Found?

Panda mainly found in China, which is the home town for them. China gives priority over panda species because to ensure the existence of the species of a panda. Panda is such type of rare biological animal that protected by the Chinese government. 

Chinese government invited WWF in 1979 to lunch the panda protected program, and many initiates are being concerned. Panda generally inhabits the isolated place, and each of the inhabitants is becoming fragmented.

Due to its modest nature, panda becomes familiar in the whole world. Many of the developed countries keep panda in the zoo for the amusement of the children. 

They watch it and find much more pleasure. A panda needs a massive area for breeding and moving. And need bamboo and other herbs to eat, and it is their primary diet.

For this reason, the panda is a vegetarian animal and not much harmless. Due to the fragmented area of inhabitants, they rarely migrated from one place to another. 

They affect much in the time of survival. In the time of breeding, panda faces many problems, such as isolation, protection, and food. 

The WWF has trained about 300 members to protect the panda, and they select some area as a place of wild panda life. In China, panda becomes popular in the kids, and even men can love panda. 

Interesting Giant Panda Facts For Kids

The giant panda is much more interesting to kids so that they would buy the panda stuffed toys, panda doll, showpieces, books, etc. These stuffed toys are sold in different shops in the country. These stuffed toys are supplying a limitless by the shops on the internet as well as the consumer. 

Kids are very much attached to the panda stuffed toys, as well as the real panda. In China, Kids are shown to use panda stuffed materials, even in their tiffin box and school bags. Giant Panda Facts for Kids.