Koala Bears Interesting Facts & Information

koala bears facts

Phascolarctos Cinereus, commonly known as Koalas, are deemed reminiscent of bears; thus, they are called “koala bears.” do not belong with the bear family. 

They are marsupial with bodies akin with that of a wombat. This endearing animal carries their young or “joey” in a pouch similar to a kangaroo. Joeys stay inside the koala bear pouch for six and grow inside the bag, drinking mainly their mother’s milk.

Brief Description

Koalas have five digits that are likely as the human thumbs that move differently from the fingers. In this way, Koalas can tightly grasp trees, hold, and eat their food efficiently. 

Being a nocturnal mammal, koala bears are mostly sleeping throughout the day and are awake the whole night. 

These cuddly animals can even sleep for more than 18 hours daily.

This Koala.B are mostly seen on eucalyptus trees. They eat eucalyptus leaves and can even eat more than their actual size. Thus, long hours of digestion due to this animal’s eating routine is one prime reason they sleep longer than any animal.

Koala Bears Great Dilemma

At present, koala bears face a significant dilemma concerning their habitat. Illegal logging, tree diseases that caused indemnity of eucalyptus trees, and numerous bushfires made koala struggle to find a place to live.

Due to this situation, the koala gradually reduces its number and has the possibility to extinct. Moreover, the rampant koala killings by both forest and household dogs and koalas being killed due to car accidents are also dominant grounds that endangered koala’s existence.

AKF: Saving Koala

AKF or Australian Koala Foundation was established to save koala bears. According to AKF, 4,000 koala bears are killed every year, and 80% of the mammals’ habitat has vanished. Thus, AKF does its best to protect koala’s habitat while preserving the remaining number of the specie.

According to sources, one cannot find a koala in the wild. People may see them in zoos and parks, but people need to know that the koala bear you have seen might be one of those remaining of its kind.

As koalas are due for extinction due to habitat loss and rampant killings, people who wanted to help preserve these marsupial creatures.

 It should start by helping the government hamper illegal logging and take part in informing numerous people not to kill koala bears. 

To those who are not living in Australia (or in any location from which koalas resides) and wanted to help preserve koala bears, take a chance to collaborate and support AKF by donating funds and aid in campaigning for koala.B survival.