When & Why Koala Attack? The Truth Behind That

koala attack-Koala Facts- Koalas
koala attack-Koala Facts- Koalas

Speculations concerning Koala Attack are incredibly peculiar. How can a harmless and innocuous mammal ever harm anyone? According to Professor Tim Flannery, do not be deceived of how koala looks as behind the inoffensive glare, some astonishing facts regarding this cuddly mammal’s offensive moves are left unspoken.

Is it true that koalas indeed can harm people’s other species? True or not, details below may somehow complement the truth behind koala attacks.

Koala Attack, On Parasites, Bugs, Etc.

Being connected with marsupial creature wombat, koalas have a curved and rounded body structure, with firm yet small legs and pouch facing rearwards from which they raise their joeys. 

Unlike wombats that live underground and rigidly maintain and secure its territory, koala does the same only they do this on trees.

Since koalas live on trees, particularly eucalyptus trees, and eats eucalyptus leaves while drinking the leaves’ concentrate, koalas need not struggle on the ground as they have everything above the tree. 

Since almost all animals have their own dist defensive natures, koalas owe its defense advantage to the eucalyptus trees. 

The eucalyptus being the main ingredient of every cough syrup or any product that involves minty taste and icy feel is a great advantage for koalas’ defense bugging annoying insects, parasites, and other species due to its intense smell.

Hence, koala attack on parasites, bugs, etc., does not pertain to koalas need to attack physically. The attack is initiated mainly on the eucalypt being the primary food of koalas, from which the smell dispersed attacks parasites, bugs, etc. likely as a repellant.

Myth Behind Koala Attack – DropBear

Dropbear is a fabricated Australian marsupial mammal that is rumored to be peculiarly massive, cruel, and greedy koala bears that dwell on trees and attacks people and other animals by dropping on their heads. 

Some stories even came up saying a particular koala attack had injured some bushwalkers when the creature suddenly fell some tree branches and attempts to claw and bite. 

To support the fabricated story, even more pictures have been publicly posted declaring that DropBear exists showing injuries, wounds, etc., from the victim itself.

Those people determined to convince others the DropBear does exist even suggested having forks on hair or Vegemite or some toothpaste applied behind the ears to discourage a specific koala attack.

Koala Attacks, The Conclusion

There is no evidence whatsoever that DropBear does exist. The natural defense of koalas is mainly focused on its bugging parasites, bugs, insects’ ability due to eucalyptus leaves’ strong smell. 

Regardless of rumors that would ruin the gentle character of koalas, these cuddly creatures are still deemed harmless. Therefore, for those who insist that the illusion regarding koala attack and the DropBear most especially is right, we dare you to broadcast pictures or videos that truly depicts koala attacking a particular person.