Interesting Ladybug Facts That You May Not Know

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  • Another fact we wanted to offer is that the brightly colored back is used to warn predators of the horrible stench and taste produced with the chemical. This defense has proven so effective that many other insects, as well as ladybugs, will mimic the color and black spots to keep predators away.
  • This cute and tiny insect has an incredible skill of playing dead. If a predator were to get too close, the ladybug would often dangle lifelessly from a branch or leaf to fool it.
  • As a means of conserving resources, as well as encouraging reproduction, ladybugs are notorious for using a particular type of hibernation.
  • In many southwestern states, ladybugs will gather so densely on the ground that it appears as a red and black blanket.
  • During hibernation, the ladybug lives off its energy reserves, followed by coming out of hibernation once temperatures reach 55 degrees and above.
  • We also wanted to mention in our list of ladybug facts that during the day, this insect is quite active, but at night, they sleep.
  • Finally, the ladybug is the official insect of several states to include Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Delaware, and Ohio.