Learn About Commercially Prepared Food for Cat

Commercially prepared food for cat, a view is sometimes expressed among pet owners that the food given to dogs and cats should always be home-prepared and that manufactured products are a poor substitute. In the same way, some people eschew all made ‘convenience’ foods for themselves and perhaps feel that as their pet is a part of the family, its meals should be prepared in the same way.

As has already been noted, cats have quite specific nutritional needs, and a great deal of scientific research has been carried out to establish exactly what these are. In this way, reputable manufacturers of cat food ensure that the then-product is prepared to a high standard and contains the correct balance of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

So great is the popularity of cats as pets, and so fierce the level of competition in the food market, that no reputable manufacturer can afford to compromise the standard of its product. It is probably more correct to say that since many people do give their pets manufactured foods, cats are now much better fed than they were in the past.

When little was known about the dietary requirements of cats, they were often fed on scraps or leftovers, frequently with an over-reliance on white fish. In this way, some cats were inadequately nourished and suffered from deficiency disorders and, consequently, a lowered life expectancy.

Forms of Commercially Prepared Food for Cat

Manufactured cat food is now available in three forms. Wet or moist food is the familiar sort available in tins and has high water content, in the order of 80 percent. Semi-moist food is usually available in sealed, sturdy plastic bags, and the water content is in the order of 30 percent. Dry food is generally sold in cardboard cartons, and the water content is much lower and does not exceed 10 percent.

Most cats typically enjoy these foods, and some owners like to offer a combination of all three. If the moist food is provided exclusively, it is necessary to give the cat some-thing suitable on which to chew to ensure that its teeth remain in good order. Both the semi-moist and dried food contain insufficient amounts of water.

It is especially important to ensure that the cat has access to fresh drinking water at all times if this type of food is usually given. The dried and semi-moist meals are very suitable for those who wish to allow their continual cat access to food so that it can help itself whenever it pleases.

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