Cat Worms and The Heart, Heartworm Signs

Cat Worms
Cat Worms

Cat Worms and The Heart, Heartworm is a parasitic worm that spreads from one host to another through mosquito bites. It is a small thread-like worm that usually infects animals like cats, dogs, wolves, etc. To a cat person, the infection is also known as cat worms.

These cat worms are usually found in the animal’s lung arteries once infected. They multiply inside and damage the lung vessel and tissue. In severe cases, they even move to the heart of the animal, which proves to be fatal most of the time.

The disease was initially found in the southern United States but has spread worldwide because of its carriers (Mosquitoes). Mosquitoes can’t survive in the colder region, which is why in America, Alaska has not yet been affected by this disease.

Cat worms don’t correctly attack right away, once a mosquito bites the animal. They have to evolve to the stage where they get big enough actually to start damaging the host’s body.

Once bitten, the larval cat worms grow for around two weeks under the skin where the animal was bitten. Then they migrate to the chest and abdomen muscles.

After 45 to 60 days, they start to mature, and around 45 to 70 days after that, they enter the infected animal’s bloodstream where they find their way to the heart. It takes the worm around 5 to 6 months to grow enough to reach the heart of the animal.

Adult Cat Worms

The adult cat worms can grow up to 30cm in length once fully matured. From then on, they mate and reproduce until the animal gets too weak to move. It is only a matter of days later until the animal dies.

Cat Creeps are preventable, and anybody who loves their four-legged creature will do all in their power to prevent this disease from affecting their cat. Proper preventative care should be taken will all beings, human or animal.