06 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained To Understand your Cat

Cat Behaviors Explained To Understand your Cat
Cat Behaviors Explained To Understand your Cat

Cat Behaviors we know cats are never dull, and their human owners are always curious about how and why they behave the way they do. Let’s explore six aspects of cat behaviors.

First Cat Behaviors

Cats are independent souls that need the basics; guaranteed meals, plenty of nap time, a personal assistant to keep the litter box clean, and periodically an excellent scratch under the chin. 


Some cats have affectionate personalities, while other cats are aloof. Cats are social creatures; if they are not hanging out with their humans, they will hang out with each other.

Thrid Cat Behaviors

Cats are straight talkers; they never deceive or pretend, if they feel threatened, they will hiss, and if they are content they purr. Some cats are very vocal, and some are not. However, cats are quick studies. 


They realize that we are only human and sometimes oblivious to their body language. So they will use other methods to get our attention, like walking on our face at 3:00 am because they are out of food.

Fifth Cat Behaviors

Cats spend about two-thirds of a 24 hour day sleeping. It seems like if a cat is not sleeping, your pet is most likely grooming. They spend at least 1/3 of their waking hours fussing over their coats. 

sleeping cat

The rest of the cat’s time is spent eating or thinking about eating. Of course, your cat may also be harassing the family dog for the fun of it. My cat also spends time focusing on a gopher hole, but that gets old fast. So it’s back to looking for a place to take another nap.


Cats are finicky about their bathrooms. As an owner of lots of cats, I have asked myself that all-important question: Why won’t that cat use the litter box? The litter box is clean, the litter is fresh and clean, and the box is located in the usual location. 

And yet, if I am not paying attention, one of us will step in cat poo -yuck! I want to eliminate the litter box; however, my cats do not like to get their feet wet during the winter.

Cats do the darndest things. They might be puzzling, but they are never dull. Have you ever seen a cat react to catnip for the first time? And when we introduced a cat statue into the house, how come my cat hissed at it? And, why do some cats love the company and other cats hide whenever the company is around?

And what about the gift my cat brought to the foot of my bed, why does he think I want a dead gopher?

Do Cat Love Indoor?

Cats can happily live indoors. When my Mom was a kid, most cats wandered freely wherever their curiosity steered them; however, the outdoors is not safe for our feline friends. 

Indoors your pet is safe from all sorts of potential dangers such as traffic accidents, animal attacks, and the risk of contact with toxins, i.e., poison plants, rodents exposed to poison bait, and poisonous insects, or spiders.

Because cats give back way more than they take, we humans yearn to understand our cat’s behavior.