All About Lions: be Close of The King of the Jungle


Let’s talk about some exciting lions facts. Since: the lion is considered the “king of the jungle,” it will be quite reasonable to seek a jungle and find a relatively safe place within so that one can closely observe this wild animal. Most lions don’t live in jungles. Lions inhabit the grasslands, woodlands, and savannas.

Among the drying grasses and the sun’s scorching heat, one can find a lion crouched silently, hidden from its prey’s nervous eyes. The victim can be a wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, impala, and wild hogs. But lions are not choosy. They feed on just about anything which has meat. And this includes birds, hares, and even reptiles.

Some Lions Facts

king of jungle cubs

Upon choosing prey, the lion can give a short chase at 50 miles per hour. It is not as fast as the cheetah, but when the victim is within range, the king of the jungle can leap to about 36 feet. When the prey is down, the lion crouches down and feed.

When standing up, the male lion is about four feet high at the shoulders. The body length can be 5 to 8 feet, and the tail, with the tuft at the end, is at least 3 feet.

Male lions, with its characteristic mane, are larger than the female lions. They typically live for about 15 years in the wild. But when in captivity, a lion can live up to 24 years. With such a strong body, one would think that lions live solitary lives, like all other cats. But lions are social animals. They stay in groups called “pride.”

Pride is usually made up of about 15 lions, in which most are females and one to three male lions. The male lions stay in the pride for about 2 to 4 years only. After that, the male lions hunt by themselves. The male lion leaves the pride not because he wanted to, but because another male lion beats him. 

This stronger lion then becomes the “head” of the pride.

The female lions rarely fight each other. All of them are related, and they are tasked to hunt for the food of pride. A typical female lion can give birth to 3-4 cubs. A lactating female lion can give milk to any cub, even the ones which were not born to her.

The female lions usually hunt at night. This classifies them as nocturnal hunters. But when the lions are not hunting, they spend the majority of their time sleeping. The king of the jungle sleeps typically 20 hours a day.

Lion Habitat Where Do Lions Live?

Lions live on grassy plains. Why am I sitting on grasses? However, the lion is popularly known as the king of the jungle. It does not live in the jungle lions that are not found in tropical rainforests or even desert interior the Sahara Desert. 

They are found living on grassy plains dry thorn forests.

Asiatic lions savannas open woodlands scrubs prairies thick brush Asiatic and semi-arid plains of sub-Saharan Africa Lions prefer to live near rivers or their tributaries because of constant water supply even during the hot summer months.

Are King of Jungle live in dense?

Lionesses do through childbirth since our kindergarten years. We’ve all learned that Lions live in dens. However, lions do not live in shelters instead.

lions live

Live under shady trees acacia trees of Africa. It’s Just when the lioness wants to give birth. From the rest of the bride and take refuge in dens to protect their young ones to avoid attention from competitors like jackals hyenas leopards etc.

The lioness keeps shifting her cubs from one shelter to another as soon as the Cubs attained six weeks of age.

The lioness, along with her cubs, joins the rest of the pride; lioness may also choose to give birth in a thicket cave, or some other form of the protective environment if dens are not available in the area.

The symbol of majesty and might are the second-largest living cat species after the tiger.

Duke University  Study

A study from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the environment Lions has lost 75 percent of its original habitat in Africa. The study also reveals that not more than five hundred Lions remain in West Africa dr. Henschel also stated that the western region had been so hard.

Because of the lack of government support, the very fact that the 30,000 African lions and another 200 plus Lions in the Gere National Park are the only Lions that exist today tells us how destructive human interaction population growth and commercial activity.

What do lions eat?

lions eat

In the wild:

The king of the jungle eats almost any animal that can attack and kill him either alone or in a group of lions combined. Still, most of the king of the jungle victims are weighing between 50 – 300 kg and the most common prey for the lion is the zebra, giraffe, pig, buffalo, antelope, wildebeest elk, and many other animals.

In the Zoo:

Pig is not their favorite. Lions look at it. Smell just if lions ‘hungry will they tuck into a pig.they prefer horse to horse meat.

What do male lions do?

Male lions can hunt and sometimes do (usually when they’re trying to tackle the enormous prey animals). Also, the male’s substantial dark mane is a hindrance when it comes to hunting. He stands out more, making it easier for the prey to spot them. Also, it means he gets hotter sooner, as you can imagine, a fur collar would do. 

So it’s not that they can’t hurt if they couldn’t than he wouldn’t have made it to adulthood as soon as begin to show signs of a mane their father oust them from the pride and until mature fully and can try and overtake another pride they have to eat somehow. 

They can’t always find kills to still from other predators. Even full-grown males will hunt while outdoing the thing that is required and their most important job as the Pride Male, and that is patrolling their territory and marking boundaries to try and keep marauding males out. 

Primary Job Protection of Pride

pride protection

Protection of pride is their primary job; that’s why the females put up with him eating so much and first. Otherwise, the females may gang up on the male attacking him, forcing him to leave. He may be much stronger than a female lion, but multiple females teaming up could get the job done. 

They pay the price for their protection (as often prides will have more than one male, almost always brothers). 

They need him as strong and healthy as possible to defend them because if roaming males new to the area come in to try and take over, the first thing they will do is kill any cubs to bring the females back into heat to carry on their genes.

So from the outside, it may look like he’s just lazy and takes advantage of the females, and they don’t have a choice, but that’s not the case. He serves a role that is just as important as the females.