A-List of Top Fascinating Elephant Facts

Fun & Exciting Elephant Facts

  • The giant elephant’s ears serve two essential purposes. Because this animal has poor eyesight, they depend on hearing things. With the oversized ears, they can listen to things great distances away. Also, the large ears serve as a built-in fan. When hot, they will flap the ears, using them to produce air for cooling the body.
  • For diet, elephants like to eat small tree branches, bark, and grass, but one of their favorite foods is the leaves that grow on the upper limbs. To reach the leaves, elephants use their trunks, pulling the branches down and then using the two appendages on the end of the chest to pluck the leaves from the stem.
  • Interesting elephant facts also include their habitat. Most come from Africa and Asia, where they live in herds. These herds are unique and structured. For instance, within the pack would be ten female elephants, as well as the baby elephants. All these females have a relation to the matriarch, which would be the largest and oldest female, the boss, and the leader of the herd. Often, the elephants in a pack will stay together for life.