A-List of Top Fascinating Elephant Facts

Elephant Facts

Everyone knows what an elephant is, what it looks like, and perhaps a little bit about its habitat. Still, as you will discover from this list of elephant facts, this animal is quite intriguing. As a part of this list, we hope to educate but also entertain. The chances are good that as you look over this information, you will be amazed that there is much more to this magnificent animal than meets the eye.

We will start our list of exciting elephant facts by saying that of all land animals, this is the largest. Elephants are so giant that some males reach as tall as 13 feet. Along with being tall, elephants are also heavy. The average elephant weighs anywhere from 10,000 to 14,000 pounds, which is as much as a full-sized school bus. While females tend to be somewhat smaller than males, both genders are massive.

Another one of our interesting elephant facts is that the long trunk is not only used to breathe, but also to eat, drink, and even take a bath. For water, the elephant can fill the trunk, drink it, or hold it at which time the water could be sprayed over the body as a way of becoming clean or only cooling the body down on a hot day. In fact, in the wild, it is common to see elephants spraying each other as if playing a game. Some of the other fun and exciting elephant facts we wanted to mention are listed below.

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