A Few Amazing Koala Facts Worth Knowing

Koala Facts
Koala Facts

Gathering koala facts is fun, partly because the animal is so cute and cuddly, and somewhat because it falls into the exotic classification. We often refer to animals like koala bears, most likely because they resemble small bears, teddy bears. The koala facts don’t bear (no pun intended) that out, however. 

The koala is a marsupial, and as such, is more closely related to the kangaroo than to a bear. It isn’t all that closely related to the kangaroo. For that matter, the wombat, which we know even less about, is the koala’s closest relative. Wombats are also cute and cuddly with a name like that they almost have to be.

Eats Eucalyptus, Smells Like Eucalyptus

One of the first koala facts we learn is that they eat eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are somewhat toxic, which does not appear to bother the koala in the slightest. The leaves are also tough to digest, which doesn’t bother the koala either as it has a particular digestive system build for digesting eucalyptus leaves.

It is claimed by those who know their koalas that the animal eats so many eucalyptus leaves that it takes on a distinct eucalyptus odor, an odor we associate with cough drops and throat lozenges.

A koala will spend most of its life in a eucalyptus tree, more than one tree. In the course of its lifetime, the typical koala will visit more than 100 eucalyptus trees, which make up its range.

This presents a problem, as it takes so many trees to sustain a koala. As the eucalyptus forests are destroyed to make use of the land for other purposes, the koala faces a battle for survival. The koala is territorial and will bark at other koalas to denote its territory.

Dogs, Cats, And Fights 

The koala is relatively safe when in a tree, so it is safe most of the time, but does face dangers when on the ground, primarily from dogs and automobiles. Automobiles take a heavy toll on this little brown “bear.” The koala, as cuddly as it appears, is not above getting into fights with other koalas, and these also take a toll as the animal sometimes succumbs to injuries.

The life span of a koala is about 17 years, with females generally outliving males by 9 or 10 years, as it is the males who get into fights and seem to get into trouble with dogs and automobiles more than do the females.

The Famous Koala Facts, Plenty Of Sleep, For A Reason

Koala Facts sleep

One of the reasons the koala lives as long as it does is the fact that it averages 16 to 18 hours a day sleeping, usually safely in the fork of a tree. When it is awake and feeding, it’s mostly in the evening and during the night. The reason why koala sleeps all the time is due to its diet, which is high in fiber and somewhat low in nutrients.

The koala sleeps to conserve energy. Its low metabolism rate allows it to digest thoroughly what it eats, getting every bit of nutrition out of each meal as possible. The koala also eats bark from the eucalyptus tree. It will eat mistletoe and box leaves on occasion, but for all practical purposes feeds on eucalyptus 100% of the time. Koalas rarely drink water as they get all they need from the vegetation they eat.

More Koala Facts

A few other koala facts of interest: The koala breeds once a year, and has a gestation period of 35 days. A single koala is born, called a joey, and weighs less than a gram at birth.

Though tiny and seemingly wholly helpless, a combination of strong claws and instinct enables the newborn to find and crawl into its mother’s pouch, where it will stay for the better part of a year, until it no longer fits. The joey lives totally on its mother’s milk for the first six months of its life. When fully grown, the koala will weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, with the male being larger than the female.

Koala Facts Based on Reviews

interesting facts about koalas in australia

Based on various koala facts and reviews, koalas are deemed one of the cuddliest and endearing animals. Frequently called koala “bear,” different koala reviews keenly emphasize that they do not belong with the bear family. 

They are marsupial or commonly known as pouched mammals. Mostly lives in Australia; these cute animals are mostly seen on eucalyptus trees feeding themselves with eucalyptus leaves and sleeps in about 18 hours the whole day.

Koala Facts Overview

One of the koala facts is that a koala does not drink water all the time as they rehydrate or get their moisture on the trees’ leaves. Every koala eats plenty of food more than its size, about one kilogram of leaves daily. A koala even keeps ample of leaves in their cheeks.

Between year the 1920s to 1930s, Koalas are uncontrollably hunted, and their population reduced. Though they hardly appeared in that period due to the hunting spree, most have reappeared but in scarce community and scattered.

Most koala facts sources highlight the space or area needed for these cuddly animals to live. Koalas must be situated in areas with about a hundred trees per animal, and the continuous deforestation made koala’s existence dubious.

Koala Facts vs. Koala Theory

One known theory of koalas is the dwarf theory. Koala, being deemed a dwarf, has created many speculations and implications on koala facts and existence. Some theories associate koalas as the dwarf version of the giant prehistoric koala, which is speculated to exist between 30,000 and 70,000 years ago. 

This fact was supported with several koala reviews saying that the specie co-exists with the late Pleistocene giant Phascolarctos stirtoni weighing between 20 and 30 kilograms.

These theories arise due to some fossil discoveries of two koalas found in the Australian trees that are known to have existed sometime 300,000 to 500,000 years ago. 

However, expert says that this discovery was merely connected with koala’s megafauna’ extinction theory. Known cause of extinction of koalas on earlier years and continued existence until today remained a mystery; hence, experts are more determined to prevent this cuddly species from extinction, and whether they exist prehistorically or not, it is more painful not to see more of this endearing creatures.

Koala Facts Reviews Aims to Support Koala’s Survival

All koala facts show us koalas are considered as a kind of animal that aids in balancing our natural environment. Trees are the main factors that koalas continue to live. 

The rampant koala facts reviews online do not merely urge us to know how they exist or why they are due for extinction but to sustain reforestation and preserve their habitat to reinforce their existence.